Azure Confidential Computing Has Arrived

Microsoft Azure has been a leader in cloud computing in large part because it offers superior security that users trust. However, even Azure, with a cyber security budget of one billion dollars per year, is still vulnerable to data breaches, especially when data is in use. In response to the ongoing efforts of hackers to exploit systems and access sensitive information, Microsoft Azure has once again expanded to offer new data security services knows as Azure confidential computing. One

The Next Step in Secure Data

While cloud computing has continued to advance and offer improved security, Azure confidential computing represents the most secure solution for data encryption for public clouds to date. For the past four years, Microsoft, along with other technology and security powerhouses, have been working to produce both software and hardware solutions that effectively fill security gaps. The result is Azure confidential computing, which is now available to customers vis the Early Access program.

Azure confidential computing takes cyber security to the next level by using Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) to ensure that data is protected while it is being processed. A form of this technology is currently in use to protect certain types of data in financial operations and Azure’s own infrastructure. This latest evolution represents an evolution that is expected to eventually extend a broad range of financial institutions, healthcare organizations and corporations who need to protect intellectual property.

Get Your First Look at Azure Confidential Computing with the Early Access Program

Currently, customers can enjoy early access to Azure confidential computing hardware and software solutions and begin to explore the opportunities that are the natural result of more secure cloud computing. For those who have been hesitant to fully embrace Azure due to security concerns, this latest evolution may represent the first time some are ready to take the leap and fully commit to the power of cloud-based solutions.

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