Expanding Microsoft Azure with Azure Stack

Since the first version of Azure was introduced in 2010, it has been evolving with technology and continuing to provide developers with a cloud-based service where developers can test applications. Azure Stack represents the next expansion of services that allow users to enjoy a consistent hybrid cloud platform. This provides the perfect way to design apps and test architecture before full implementation while also enjoying the ability to quickly and easily transfer applications as they are ready.

Azure Stack is able to fully integrate with Azure and allows you to use Azure services on-premise. Developers can use their company’s servers and data centers to build applications and perfect design and architecture. From there decisions can be made about which apps will be moved to Azure or kept on-premise. Solutions can be selectively deployed to certain locations or made more widely available through Azure. Companies can develop their own criteria for deployment and launch apps based specific requirements.

Enjoy the Azure Services You Want

With Azure Stack, developers can effectively address latency and connectivity challenges before moving apps to Azure. Since Azure Stack offers a subset of services available through Azure, team members can focus on specific features before integrating on a global level. The services you receive will be based on your organization and you needs, making Azure Stack a customizable extension and Azure.

Deployment Options

Currently, there are two main Azure Stack deployment options:

  1. Azure Stack integrated systems: This approach will get you up and running quickly and through a multi-server system.
  2. Azure Stack Development Kit (ASDK): Enjoy a free, single-serve deployment. This is the best option for experimenting with initial trials and proof of concept.

In the coming months and years, Azure Stack will continue to evolve and receive ingoing updates in order to provide additional flexibility. To learn more about how Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack can benefit your company, contact Liquware today. We can answer all your questions and help you get started.

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