Terraform is Now a Part of the Azure Marketplace

Microsoft has just announced that Terraform will now be available in the Azure Marketplace along with its existing integration in the Azure Cloud Shell. Terraform solutions allow teams in devops departments to use a single proprietary language for creating infrastructure as code across multiple cloud vendors, including Azure. As businesses continue to move to the cloud, the need for a consistent coding language has become more glaring. Terraform effectively fills this gap and now customers can access it directly in the Azure Marketplace, allowing more people to enjoy the benefits of this software.

Advantages of Terraform

Teams can operate using a Managed Shared Identity (MSI) and Azure Storage, which allows for seamless collaboration and easy access. Instead of relying on local storage files, users can access Azure Storage and take full advantage of the cloud. This configuration also for lock state when one user is making changes, which means that multiples users can change the state of shared environments without confusion.

Adding Terraform to the Azure Marketplace appears to be a direct reflection of the success of the platform. Over the past 12 months, the use of Terraform has increased 4 times over. More and more customers are adopting Terraform and embracing it as a more user friendly option than traditional coding. As the number of users continues to grow, Microsoft and HashiCorp engineers are looking to expand uses and offer more comprehensive support. They are also reaching out to the Azure community for feedback and contributions.

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