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Important Privacy Updates to Microsoft Azure

From the beginning, Microsoft Azure has recognized the important of protecting privacy data and adhering to standards set forth by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As technology continues to advance and more sensitive data is put online and made vulnerable to attack, Azure is working to improve security. Microsoft Azure recently made new updates that will help companies more easily meet compliance and fully protect information, especially if you operate in one of the more sensitive industries, such as health and finance.

Here are just a few of the Azure privacy tools that you need to be aware of:

Azure Data Subject Request for the GDPR

All online Azure services allow you to execute data subject requests in the Azure portal. You will receive detailed instructions that will allow you to comply with GDPR standards so that all of your information is protected.

Policy Enforcement Tools

Azure Policy has been specifically designed to allow you to design and enforce specific policies at all levels of the organization. Not only does this help with GDPR compliance, it also means that you can prevent developers from mismanaging resources.

Azure Security and Compliance GDPR Blueprint

This powerful tool provides you with the ability to build cloud applications in compliance with GDPR requirements. You can take advantage of a comprehensive architecture that will allow you to more safely and quickly launch applications.

Azure Security Center

Superior threat detection tools along with a centralized security management program will allow you to not only prevent attacks, but respond faster and more effectively in the event of a problem. This features is also fully integrated with Azure Policy for truly intelligent and proactive security.

Do you have questions about GDPR compliance and how you can better protect sensitive data from advanced threats? The experts at Liquware can help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you use Azure to protect your business.



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