Add Protection with Azure Security Center

Security is becoming an increasing concern for businesses across all industries. It is a constant challenge to recruit security experts, comply with various regulations and stay ahead of evolving threats. Some people assume that cloud-based services leave them more vulnerable to attack, but Microsoft Azure actually takes security to a whole new level with the fully integrated Azure Security Center which has been designed to protect your workload, thwart off threats and respond quickly to problems. Now Azure Security Center is even stronger and more flexible and user friendly than ever before. Here are some new features worth noting:

Better Understand Your Overall Security with Security Score

Security Score provides you with a visual representation of your security status that is easy to understand and helps you prioritize your tasks. The tools will allow you to understand exactly where you are most vulnerable and which security challenges should be addressed first. You can constantly monitor your business and make changes as necessary.

Network Topology Map

Another great visual tool that has been added to the Azure Security Center is the network topology map. It allows you to instantly view the components of your network and receive recommendations so that you can pinpoint problem areas and react quickly. You can constantly monitor your networks and catch issues in real-time.

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (WDATP)

Imagine being able to understand the tools and techniques that hackers are using to try and get at your sensitive data. WDATP is fully integrated into the Azure Security Center and will allow you to do just that. It is the best way to effectively fight attacks and protect your business.

Azure Security Center is truly at the forefront of data protection. If you are interested in learning more about how this powerful, flexible and scalable tool can help your business, contact the experts at Liquware today.


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