Our Cloud Migration Services

Migrating your on premise SharePoint farm to the cloud is not always straightforward, but at Liquware, we can help simplify the process with our SharePoint cloud migration services. We begin by thoroughly evaluating your on premise SharePoint farm with the help of our proven assessment services. Next, we categorize your site collections into different groups:

Category A – quick wins: these are the collaboration SharePoint sites without any custom modifications. In these cases, SharePoint cloud migration can be quickly completed without any extra effort. You can use the Liquware SharePoint cloud migration services to move these site collections to SharePoint online.

Category B – little effort: site collections with minimum customizations. You may customize InfoPath forms on these sites, using JavaScript to modify a couple of pages or creating a couple of workflows. These technologies are essentially cloud-friendly, so SharePoint cloud migration is still relatively simple at this point. Before making the switch and implementing a full SharePoint cloud migration strategy, we will create and test a proof of concept on these site collections. Once everyone involved is satisfied with the results, we will move these site collections to the cloud.

Category C – extra effort: In these site collections for your on-premise version of SharePoint, you may be using certain technologies that are not compatible with SharePoint online. For example, you may be using a third party SharePoint feature that is not offered through SharePoint online. Or you may have developed farm solutions that cannot be included in the final SharePoint cloud migration. In this category, we will rewrite those technologies for you and create a cloud-friendly counterpart. You can enjoy the same level of functionality provided with your farm solution’s code along with client-side technologies.

Our SharePoint cloud migration service also utilizes a phased approach that helps to create a smooth transition. Your farm will gradually move from on-premise to a hybrid environment and finally to a fully cloud-based solution. Once your on-premise SharePoint farm has been successfully moved to the cloud, you will benefit from full SharePoint online features with the best support from Microsoft.
Liquware will work with you to ease the SharePoint cloud migration process for your organization. Our experts can facilitate a seamless transition to the cloud that will allow you to continue to use your customized solutions. Our comprehensive SharePoint cloud migration services have been specially designed to allow organizations to take full advantage of Microsoft solutions without experiencing complications.

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