Liquware is a San Diego, California, based Cloud Solution provider that implements latest collaboration technologies to enhance the way people do productive work. Our solutions use Microsoft technology, including SharePoint Azure and Office 365 to meet a clear set of objectives. We are committed to answering the demands of the modern workplace through consultation services, cloud migration, proof of concept, custom application creation and much more.

At Liquware, we partner with companies that range from large enterprise-grade operations to smaller commercial businesses, across a variety of industries. We focus on digital solutions that directly benefit the end user and create streamlined processes that increase efficiency while also offering the best in security. These solutions ultimately help drive innovation and revenue within companies.

Our Team

Our team of experts has over 15 years of experience creating customized SharePoint applications and successfully implementing Microsoft driven solutions across a wide variety of industries. These seasoned professionals represent the best in their field and work closely with businesses to guide them through every step of the process to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Liquware leverages our knowledge, skills and experience to help you run a better, more efficient business by harnessing the power of technology and Microsoft SharePoint. Whether you need to upgrade an existing system, make the switch to the cloud or simply improve your existing processes, we can help.