Enterprise Search Solutions

Modern businesses are responsible for storing more data than ever before. Subsequently, information management challenges will only continue to grow and demand dynamic solutions. At Liquware, we specialize in using Microsoft based enterprise search tools to allow businesses to quickly sort through data and locate the information they need. The user interface is similar to that of popular search engines, which eliminates any learning curve and provides a user-friendly tool. Your business can use enterprise search tools to hone in on relevant content in just a few key strokes and effectively manage data.

Liquware optimizes the power of Microsoft to provide the following enterprise search services:

Search Topology Design

Use SharePoint and enterprise search tools to comb through your network topology and learn about design inefficiencies that can be corrected. A streamlined topology will make it faster and easier to discover resources and avoid slow networks that can be easily overwhelmed by heavy traffic. With the right enterprise search tools and solutions, you can optimize your topology for better performance.

Customize Search Center

Create a custom search center that makes it easy to enter keywords and be directed to the most relevant content. Enjoy easy access to important information and documents with a customized search center that caters to your specific business.

Search Structured Data

Using structured data provides a high level of organization that is more predictable, and therefore easier for enterprise search tools to locate. Liquware’s custom search tools will be able to recognize structured data markups and quickly provide quality search results.

Advanced Architecture Design

The experts at Liquware use advanced architecture design knowledge to update your communication network and create a more logical configuration of processes and procedures. Enterprise search tools can then be used to mine all your data, from pricing rates and product descriptions to communications and forms. All of your business information can be sorted, displayed and analyzed as needed according to an advanced search architecture.

Multi Farm Implementation

Use Microsoft to Create enterprise search tools that can be customized to each farm. The search architecture you choose will depend on the amount of existing content and your hardware capacities. Fortunately, with SharePoint and our expert enterprise search services, you can create and implement search tools across multiple farms for custom solutions that produce the best results.

Partner with Liquware to make the most of SharePoint and design and implement custom enterprise search tools that will help your employees quickly access information and enjoy a more efficient work environment.