Free Cloud Readiness Assessment

Liquware is proud to offer a free cloud readiness assessment that will help you decide whether it is time to go forward with migrating your organization to SharePoint online. During our free cloud readiness assessment, we will evaluate your current on-premise SharePoint farm installation from a new and different perspective that will provide you with valuable insights and recommendations. Our cloud readiness assessment process involves running custom SharePoint Powershell scripts on your farm to generate statistical data from your SharePoint farm. This data can then be used to evaluate where your organization stands when it comes to being ready to migrate to SharePoint online.

The data collection portion of the cloud readiness assessment for SharePoint online is both detailed and comprehensive. We will sift through different web applications, site collections and sites to gather information on your existing workflows, customized InfoPath forms and custom features that are installed on the farm and being used on sites. We will also look at JavaScript and HTML files and a variety of other factors that may affect the transition to SharePoint online.

Based on this data, we will run a specialized cloud readiness assessment. This will provide us with a detailed analysis that can then be used to generate a technical dashboard for your organization. In addition, every site collection in your SharePoint farm will receive a cloud readiness designation. This is meant to help you instantly understand how much of your data is ready to go to SharePoint online right away, how much of your data can be moved to the cloud with minimal effort, and which site collections are not cloud ready.

High level cloud readiness assessment steps are as follows:
1. Sign up for the free cloud readiness assessment
2. We will immediately contact you and send you Powershell scripts
3. Then, you run these scripts on your farm and send us the results
4. Next, we run the cloud readiness assessment analysis on your data and send you cloud readiness dashboard

The final report will provide you with valuable insights into your SharePoint farm that will be easy to understand for both management level and technical employees. We highly encourage businesses to take advantage of this free cloud readiness assessment offer before making any decision about moving the data to the cloud and using SharePoint online.
To get started, all you need to do is to fill out the following form. One of our representatives will quickly respond and help you get started with your free cloud readiness assessment.