Hybrid Solutions Cloud / On premise

Today, more than ever, organizations are moving their digital assets to the cloud. While this approach to information management offers clear advantages, there are certain scenarios where organizations reap the most benefits from a hybrid solution that utilizes both cloud and in-house technology.

At Liquware, we offer an extensive line of services that includes helping your business to setup the ideal hybrid solution that fits your needs. We can work with you to evaluate your current systems and processes and develop a hybrid solution so that you can successfully integrate Office 365 while still enjoying the benefits of your existing on premise environment.

Different implementation scenarios that may be best addressed with a hybrid solution include:

  • Compliance issues. Different industries are regulated by different compliance rules. Switching to a cloud based system may violate certain legal obligations. While the cloud uses a variety of tools to ensure security, companies may still need to maintain an in-house information management system. Liquware can help develop a hybrid solution to ensure complete compliance.
  • Complex product customizations need on premise implementation. The ability to customize Office 365 and other cloud based tools is a major selling point, but this process may be complex depending on your business and your needs. Relying on a hybrid solution can provide space for the customization process without interrupting day-to-day operations.
  • Test and conduct quality assurance procedures. Again, a hybrid solution allows for businesses to test new tools and ensure quality performance before fully committing.
  • Gradual upgrade to cloud. Businesses can take a more measured approach to integrating the cloud instead of investing time and money in a complete overhaul.

Liquware will provide your organization with expert services that will allow you to move quickly and securely to the cloud. We will also work closely with your team to create the ideal hybrid solution to fit your business and your industry.

We can provide you hybrid solution implementation service for the following products:

  • Active directory service integration with AzureAD
  • On premise SharePoint and SharePoint online
  • On premise Exchange Server and Exchange online

While the cloud is the future for the majority of companies, implementing an immediate and total upgrade may not be the best approach. That is exactly why Liquware works to provide a range of hybrid solutions that can operate as a permanent system or aid in the gradual implementation of your new cloud system.