Information Architecture Design

Liquware specializes in providing a variety of Microsoft and cloud-based solutions. Modern businesses are transitioning to these tools in order to create a more productive work environment that encourages collaboration and fosters communication. Our information architecture design services allow us to create a holistic model of your entire implementation, which results in customizing your site navigation, search tools and meta data for better data management so that your business can stay competitive.

Without the right information architecture design in place, you leave your business vulnerable to a variety of problems. For example, one of the most attractive features of these cloud-based tools is that they allow users to “sign up” for services without having to involve the IT department. For many businesses, this type of ad-hoc approach has been that main point of entry into the cloud. The downside of these opportunity led purchases is that they don’t always take advantage of information architecture design tools. This can result in islands of feature that are shut off from the rest of the business.

The key to taking full advantage of cloud solutions is to start with a clear information architecture design strategy that has some specific objectives in mind. While the entire business may not immediately adopt these tools, a structure should be in place to support a gradual transition and avoid creating isolated pockets of implementation. The right information architecture design strategy will enable a broader adoption of technology in ways that are repeatable, manageable and fully optimized.

Liquware will help your business develop a customized information architecture design with the support of the latest Microsoft technologies. Modern information architecture design models include both on premise and cloud based solutions. More than ever, businesses exist in a hybrid world and our information architecture design services will allow you to update your organization and fully utilize the best available tools.

Liquware information architecture design services include:

  • Analyzing your existing system and identifying room for improvement
  • Establishing clear objectives
  • Designing and testing potential solutions
  • Setting up cloud, on premise and hybrid data management solutions
  • Successfully implementing a scalable information architecture design

At Liquware, we strongly believe in taking the time to set out clear objectives and establish a functional information architecture design that addresses the needs of your business. Investing in these preliminary steps will save you both time and money and allow you to gradually implement solutions according to your own needs.

Lay the foundation for your business’s success by working with Liquware to create a customized information architecture design that will grow with and adapt to a changing work environment.