July Brings Big Changes to Microsoft 365

Every July, Microsoft holds the Microsoft Inspire conference, which provides a place for partners to meet, collaborate and learn about new capabilities. This year’s event hosted over 17,000 attendees who were the first to hear about the launch of plenty of new features that are designed to help team members communicate, visualize data and better manage important tasks. Here are just a few of the highlights that you can look forward to taking advantage of in the coming months:

More Planner Capabilities in SharePoint

Planner is now integrated with SharePoint so that team sites are more capable than ever before. You can now use SharePoint to embed Planner boards within the team site, making it easier to add new posts and pages. All your most important information can be stored and viewed in a single place.

Microsoft Excel Threaded Comments

Teams can now collaborate in Excel documents through threaded comments that have already played an important role in Word and PowerPoint. You can track conversations, add replies and directly address a specific team member. This will make it easy to edit documents and discuss changes and suggestions.

Visio Visual and Microsoft Power BI

Power BI customers can not use Visio Visualization tools to create interactive dashboards and compare data using a variety of charts and diagrams. In addition, new analytic tools, including team usage reports, have been added to BI so better understand your services and encourage better implementation of services.

LinkedIn Profiles in People Card

Microsoft 365 people card now also displays information from LinkedIn so that you can better understand potential customers and provide more targeted solutions that will help build relationships.

These are just some of the changes that have been made to improve Microsoft 365, SharePoint and other important tools that help your business run smoothly. If you would like to hear more about these updates and learn new offerings may be able to improve your business, contract Liquware today.


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