Microsoft SharePoint

Liquware can help your business implement Microsoft SharePoint throughout your organization. Based on the results of the assessment and planning phase, we will make recommendations for the best ways to implement Microsoft SharePoint so that your business can reap the most benefits. We can then guide you through the entire implementation process to ensure a successful launch.

There are three different ways to implement Microsoft SharePoint that all offer distinct advantages and features that may be best suited to your needs. Our experts will help you choose the best route.

Full Cloud Implementation

Cloud-based information management is the future of business. We can use Microsoft SharePoint to create a cloud-based information management and collaboration environment that includes excellent communication tools. Choose from two distinct cloud options that offer the power and scope of Microsoft SharePoint without the overhead costs and maintenance issues that come with hosting an on premise infrastructure.

  1. Opt for the Software as a Service (SaaS) version of Office 365 SharePoint online. Eliminate hardware and maintenance expenses while also enjoying automatic updates and technical support.
  2. Choose the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model from Microsoft and create virtual machines that will host your SharePoint implementation on Microsoft Azure and extend your existing capabilities.

You will be amazed to learn just how easy and cost effective it can be to transition  your company to the Microsoft SharePoint cloud platform. If you have been avoiding making this transition, Liquware can help you make the switch.

On Premise Implementation

While more and more companies are switching to cloud-based platforms, this isn’t the right decision for everyone. If you have strict compliance and security standards that need to be met, then an on premise solution may be best. Companies who require extensive SharePoint site customizables, which involve installing executables on your servers, should also consider an on premise solution. This approach allows you to protect sensitive client and business information while still enjoying personalized information management tools through Microsoft SharePoint.

Our experts can help you design custom applications, enjoy enterprise search tools, create personal sites and much more. Best of all, you can rest assured that all your data is secure and access is limited to authorized individuals.

Hybrid Implementation

A Microsoft SharePoint hybrid solution offers the best of both worlds and promises to be the ubiquitous standard for large companies, in the near future. Your business can experience the flexibility of cloud business management tools along with the security of an on premise data center. Liquware will work closely with you to customize available tools and implement applications that encourage communication and collaboration while also improving overall productivity.

We will also work to ensure that any government standards for compliance that are specific to your industry or business configuration are reflected in our implementation approach. All compliance issues will be strictly adhered to and you can feel confident that your entire Microsoft SharePoint system is designed with your business objectives in mind.

Partner with Liquware to create and implement the ideal Microsoft SharePoint configuration and solutions for your business.