Procurement Management System

This solution has been specially created to address the need of companies who work in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries and offer EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) contracting services.

While the ability to manage all three of the major steps in any EPC project is vital to success, the procurement phase is especially important to delivering the project on time and within budget. With any given project, hundreds of pieces of equipment and materials may need to be purchased and organized. Without a robust and user friendly procurement management system in place, you risk losing precious time and money.

With the help of our powerful procurement management system, you can quickly and easily locate engineering documents from the engineering document management system (EDMS) and turn that information into detailed purchase orders. In addition, your customized procurement management system will streamline communication and make it easy to contact vendors with any questions or concerns. You can easily track and expedite the entire process, all from one convenient location.

Our procurement management system pays special attention to two critical points during the EPC process. It is designed to help you through all the steps that lead up to issuing the purchasing order and to help you manage equipment, materials and communication with vendors after the purchase order has been placed. From start to finish, this comprehensive solution with simplify every aspect of preparing and tracking the procurement process.

Large scale engineering projects rely heavily on clear communication. The EPC contractor needs to be in constant contact with their client, vendors and other managing contractors who may be working on the project. A single lapse in communication can result in significant delays and problems. Our procurement management system will make complex communication chains easy to follow and update.

Liquware’s unique procurement management system is designed to make it easy for all the parties involved to receive real-time updates. You will never have to worry about missing a message or having trouble contacting a vendor. All the communication and organization tools you will need are right at your fingertips.

Perhaps best of all, there is relatively little learning curve involved in mastering our procurement management system. The dashboard is sleek and easy to navigate, so that you are your team can get to work once our solution is fully implemented.

Experience the best in EPC technology tools with our procurement management system that is specially designed to accommodate the unique needs of your industry, help you successfully fulfill contracts and grow your business.