SharePoint Announces Sweeping Updates

The SharePoint Conference in May of 2019 unveiled updates security, administration and migration features. These changes have been designed to offer new protections and address the constantly changing nature of security threats. Here are some highlights that are worth noting:

Multi-Geo Capabilities

As markets continue to become more globalized, companies are faced with the challenge of complying with various data residency requirements across locations. New multi-geo capabilities make it easy to comply with data laws in different countries.

Sensitivity Labels for SharePoint Sites

Different types of data are governed by various security controls, external regulations and company policies. This can make it difficult to control access and ensure proper security. Sensitivity labels allow for collaboration while still protecting sensitive documents and meeting security requirements

External Access Expiration

Innovation increasingly relies on collaboration with sources outside the company. External expiration tools allow the admin to set limits on the amount of time external users have access to sites and content in order to ensure security and still allow for collaboration.

Improved Admin Center

The entire SharePoint admin center has been updated to help both IT departments and users increase productivity. For those who still want access to classic admin features, you will be able to manage both classic and modern settings in one SharePoint location. Additions to the admin area include the ability to perform bulk actions, change URL names and implement sharing controls.

Migration Tools

New migration tools are making it easier than ever for businesses to move files or entire enterprises to the cloud. Making this move allows you access to the best in intelligent collaboration tools and security solutions. SharePoint site migration will ensure that your content and settings are effectively migrated so that you can hit the ground running.

To learn more about the full list of updates and how they can improve your SharePoint experience and improve your business’s performance, contact Liquware today.

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