SharePoint Governance Strategy

Liquware specializes in helping your organization develop a SharePoint governance strategy. Creating this strategy will help assign responsibilities to the appropriate individuals and hold them accountable for using and maintaining different areas of SharePoint. Without a governance structure in place, roles and responsibilities will go undefined and any implementation of SharePoint will be set up for failure. Taking the time to establish a clear SharePoint governance strategy will help everyone stay organized and be fully aware of their role in your business.

Outlining a clear and concise SharePoint governance strategy can be complex. Fortunately, Liquware can work closely with your company to streamline deployment of SharePoint products and technologies. This will allow you to avoid confusion and create a clear process so that everyone involved is aware of their responsibilities.

The right SharePoint governance strategy will also serve to keep your organization’s system secure and compliant with both governmental and industry standards. Managers can oversee when and where content is stored and provide permissions as necessary. These security measures can also involve multi-stage approval process and other policy standards that provide automated protection.

Ultimately, when you work with Liquware to create a SharePoint governance strategy, you will be helping to ensure the best return on your investment in technology. SharePoint is a powerful platform and we can make sure that you make the most of it.

As part of our SharePoint governance strategy services, we will help you:

  • Build the SharePoint governance plan. This can involve creating a detailed document that outlines who will be involved in SharePoint projects, the responsibilities of each individual and any other processes and permissions. All of these parameters will then be used to create an automated governance system within SharePoint.
  • Build logical architecture in SharePoint governance plan. One of the big challenges of creating a complex and detailed SharePoint governance strategy is maintaining a logical architecture. Liquware can help you manage all the moving parts and design a functional system.
  • Design site request workflow. Get the help you need to establish clear processes that speed up workflow and avoid any delays.
  • Site template definition in governance plan. A SharePoint governance strategy plan should clearly define the purpose of each of your site templates. Decide who should be using what templates and implement a clear plan.
  • User training and agreement in SharePoint governance. During the SharePoint governance strategy development process, we can help you outline training guidelines and user agreement protocols that will ensure proper compliance.

Make the most of your investment in Microsoft tools by starting with a clear SharePoint governance strategy. Work with Liquware to outline a clear architecture that can be easily communicated to employees and implemented with the help of automated tools.