SharePoint Proof of Concept

At Liquware, we can conduct SharePoint proof of concept (POC) projects that will demonstrate exactly how we can use SharePoint to deliver your solution in order to increase efficiency, create a space for innovation and improve communication in your organization. The SharePoint proof of concept (POC) process allows us to test out theories and show you the potential for real-world application before you implement the final solution.

During the SharePoint proof of concept (POC), our experts will be looking at two main objectives:

  1. Does the solution we want to create meet the goals of your business and meet certain criteria? By running tests, we can ensure that final solutions avoid any technical problems and that the architecture is ideal for your purposes.
  2. Will the solution offer a valuable ROI? Depending on how a business plans to use SharePoint, answering this question may involve evaluating both qualitative and quantitative factors. Either way, our main goal is to ensure that any solutions we implement meet your goals for driving revenue, increasing efficiency and streamlining operational processes.

As we run tests during SharePoint proof of concept (POC) project, we will also be evaluating each solution. If one solution falls short of meeting certain criteria, then we can immediately regroup and begin testing other possible options. Each and every solution we create using SharePoint proof of concept (POC) and other Microsoft tools will be thoroughly tested before being fully implemented.

Here are a few examples of where defining a SharePoint proof of concept (POC) project can be helpful:

  • Create SharePoint proof of concept (POC) farms. Before you fully launch a new configuration, we can set up a variety of different SharePoint proof of concept (POC) environments to determine the best architecture for your organization. Whether you want to run your business from the cloud or create a hybrid combination of cloud and on premise tools, we can safely and securely test different options.
  • User migrations between domains. After companies merge, end up with multiple domains and user accounts. Migrating users and consolidating domains can create a more efficient work environment, but it also has the potential to cause permission problems and lead to lost data. Use our SharePoint proof of concept (POC) services to ensure smooth transitions and thoroughly troubleshoot migrations before full implementation.
  • Publish and consume SharePoint service applications across farms. It makes sense that you would want to test customized SharePoint applications before they go live to the entire organization. Use SharePoint proof of concept (POC) service from Liquware, to work out any problems before implementation and enjoy a hassle-free launch.

The experts at Liquware will create model of potential solutions in your own environment so that you can test and adjust as necessary. Implementing a SharePoint proof of concept (POC) project helps us foster clear communication between us and our clients so that all your expectations are met and every solution launch is successful.