SharePoint self-healing Solution

Liquware can provide your organization with a SharePoint self-healing solution based on Microsoft Desired State Configuration (DSC) technology.
SharePoint is usually a critical line of business application in most of the organizations and keeping it up and running 24/7 is a priority for IT business continuity offering.
SharePoint depends on many services to function properly and it is very possible that after a change in network configuration or installing a new update from Microsoft, something breaks and end users see some interruptions in the service.
Usually SharePoint administrators react to these situations and try to fix the SharePoint farm after the problem arises. So the maintenance and upkeep the SharePoint farm in the organization is sometimes a headache and incur hidden costs to the IT department.
SharePoint desired state configuration (SharePointDSC) is a set of powershell scripts that works with your SharePoint farm and constantly monitor the level of services and SharePoint configuration. It can check so many details at the same time which is impossible for a human to look for them. If something bad happens in your SharePoint farm, SharePointDSC detects that and fix it by itself. So there is no longer need for an admin to check the health status of the SharePoint by checking every detailed parameters. So you will have a better service for your end users and they don’t see any hiccups in SharePoint!

These are the services liquware can provide you:
• We analyze your current SharePoint farm and develop a set of configuration files which explains your SharePoint implementation in detail
• We setup and run a configuration server in your network to host these Desired State Configuration files
• We configure your SharePoint servers to connect to this configuration server and read the desired state configuration files from that, check with its current state and complete any action to remedy itself
• You can also use these configuration file to setup your different environment (Dev/Test/QA) without any problem and completely mimic your production environment.

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