SharePoint Strategy and Roadmap

Before transitioning your enterprise to SharePoint, it is vital that you work to develop a clear SharePoint strategy and roadmap. This will allow you to identify clear goals, define certain benchmarks and standards and achieve waypoints along the way to full implementation. By partnering with Liquware and investing the time upfront to create a SharePoint strategy and roadmap, you can achieve a new level of efficiency and innovation. Your IT department can shift their focus from putting out fires to driving revenue and growing your business.

Expanding SharePoint technologies can involve rapid and far-reaching changes that have the potential to quickly overwhelm both employee and technological resources. The key is to establish a SharePoint strategy and roadmap that follows a logical order so that you can modernize your business and promote innovation. At Liquware, we specialize in creating and implementing a variety of SharePoint tools, including:

  • A SharePoint Strategy and Roadmap for on premise installation. Your company can use your existing data center to host and run SharePoint.
  • An online version of SharePoint. Access the power and speed of Microsoft’s data center to manage your business and access all your SharePoint tools online.
  • A SharePoint strategy and roadmap for a hybrid version that combines the security of on premise tools with the flexibility of the cloud.

In large organizations, SharePoint implementation may consist of more than a thousand site collections. Analyzing the organizational, technological and communication needs of all these different sites can be complex at best and daunting task at worst. At Liquware, we have established a proven methodology for mining data and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your existing system. This information is then used to formulate a SharePoint strategy and roadmap that streamlines the implementation process and virtually eliminates bugs and glitches.

When you work with Liquware to help your organization develop a SharePoint strategy and roadmap, you will experience a wide range of benefits. Your business will become more flexible and scalable than ever, which means the ability to adapt to challenges and maintain a competitive edge. By streamlining processes, your IT department will also have the freedom to turn their energy towards innovation without having to worry about security, upgrades and other maintenance issues.

As part of the SharePoint strategy and roadmap planning process we will not only examine existing challenges, we will also look at where you want to take your business and what we can do now to set you up for success in the future. A comprehensive SharePoint strategy and roadmap will lay the foundation for managing changes and innovations that aren’t even on your radar yet.