SharePoint Takes on Mixed Reality and AI

From the beginning SharePoint has pushed the boundaries of the workplace and combined document management, web publishing, content collaboration and AI into a revolutionary tool that has helped business operate more effectively and efficiently. At the SharePoint Virtual Summit, SharePoint took the next step in innovation by introducing SharePoint spaces, which are designed to bring mixed reality into the workplace and create more immersive experiences. By engaging more of the senses, SharePoint hopes to spark imagination among all levels of the business world and open up the potential for new ways of communicating and collaborating.

Potential Uses of Mixed Reality in SharePoint

Instead of putting new employees through a boring training session, you can introduce them to the company through a virtual tour that includes 3D images and dynamic content about the company and its structure, products and services. This approach can also be used to recruit top-notch employees who are wondering what your company has to offer them.

Mixed reality also provides product development teams with new tools that will allows them to more fully understand challenges, share notes and ideas and visualize 3D prototypes. SharePoint spaces allow creativity to thrive and provide a place for true innovation.

The ability to take a deep dive into content and process information in a way that speaks to all your senses also opens the door for more meaningful learning that can then be translated into new ideas. Users can even re-purpose old content and use it to create more comprehensive presentations that go beyond two-dimensional views.

All of this can be done using a simple point and click editor and content can be viewed and created on practically any device. This tool represents the next evolution in workplace collaboration and points to a more creative future where employees ideas and visions aren’t limited by the tools they have on hand.

Learn more about SharePoint spaces and how it is being used to take mixed reality and AI to the next level in workplaces across the globe when you contact the experts at Liquware. We can also help you harness the power of SharePoint to move your company forward and stay competitive.


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