Technical Architecture and Design

Implementing the right SharePoint technical architecture from the start will help ensure success as you continue to roll out new SharePoint tools and applications. Partnering with the experts at Liquware is the best way to create an ideal SharePoint technical architecture that will support your needs now and in the future.

Implementing a solid SharePoint technical architecture begins with a thorough assessment and planning process. Depending on our findings and the nature of your business, your IT infrastructure will use one of the following models:

  • On premise. Enjoy an in-house data center that can manage highly customized systems and provide maximum security.
  • Cloud. Rely on the cloud to store and manage your information without having to worry about investing in hardware updates and maintenance.
  • Hybrid. This increasingly popular option combines the best of both on premise and cloud solutions for a more dynamic and flexible system.

Once we have determined the best SharePoint technical architecture for your business, we will provide you with the technical diagrams and guidelines to move forward with the implementation process.

Liquware has both the skills and experience to help your organization implement advanced and complex SharePoint technical architecture scenarios, including:

  • Hybrid implementation of IT infrastructure. Experience the benefits of cloud-based and on premise tools.
  • Multi farm implementation of SharePoint. Rely on our experts to create the best technical architecture to implement SharePoint in multi farm. You can have different SharePoint farms for your development, test, QA and production environment. In addition, you can create farms with different Service Level Agreements (SLA) to suit various business needs.
  • Hybrid Search Implementation: You can implement this feature with the Federated search experience or publishing / consuming model of Search Service Application. With the help of SharePoint technical architecture, you can quickly retrieve information from all searchable resources with a single query. The right SharePoint technical architecture will also optimize hybrid solutions and simultaneously search data centers and cloud storage to find the information you need.
  • Cross farm user profile service. Provide multi farm access to different users and consume data from various locations at once.
  • Cross farm business connectivity service (BCS). Get the help you need to set up BCS and delegate permissions appropriately.
  • Cross farm managed meta data. Share data and different content across various site collections and applications.

Perhaps the best part of working with Liquware is that we can develop a SharePoint technical architecture for you and after receiving approval, we can complete our job with running a proof of concept (POC) in your own network. This allows you to thoroughly test everything before implementing solutions in your production environment. Any potential bugs will be identified and fixed before your solutions are implemented at a business wide level.

Prepare for your POC by starting with the best possible SharePoint technical architecture. Partner with Liquware to develop the ideal SharePoint technical architecture to support your business and your goals.