Updates to the SharePoint Server

One of the best aspects of SharePoint is that it is constantly being updated and improved to meet the changing needs of users and make is easy to integrate the latest technology. SharePoint continues to build on cloud and mobile solutions while also adding features for on-premise users. By listening to user feedback, SharePoint has been able to continue to improve cloud solutions and help companies succeed in an increasingly competitive and global business world. As part of this commitment to improvement, SharePoint has made updates to both the 2016 and 2019 SharePoint Server. Here is what you need to know:

SharePoint Server 2019 now includes support for Azure Stack and SQL Managed Instances in order to offer more deployment options. For those who use a hybrid form of cloud solutions and on-premise tools, this makes it easier for create a consistent user experience. A more seamless integration among different applications reduces security risks and simplifies complex functions. It is now easier than ever before to expand SharePoint environments and capabilities while still offering a consistent experience.

More Support for SharePoint Tools

For those who need or want additional support when it comes to deploying on Azure Stack or building and running new environments, SharePoint Server 2019 offers extended support services. Meeting regulatory and technical requirements while also being careful not to compromise security can be a challenge for any business. SharePoint has recognized these problems and created new solutions to help users take full advantage of all available tools while also safely harnessing power of the cloud.

Whether you are an existing SharePoint user and want to learn more about how recent updates can benefit your company or you are considering making the move to the cloud, Liquware can help answer all your questions and get you started. Contact us today to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable team member.

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