Workflow, Forms and Business Process Automation

At Liquware, we specialize in helping businesses work more efficiently and enjoy the greatest return on investment from their tools and applications. As part of our extensive list of services, we partner with companies to implement SharePoint workflow applications, which can effectively hone business processes and create a more logical workflow that encourages collaboration among colleagues.

One major benefit of SharePoint workflow applications is that they empower end users to create their own business processes with the “Forms” and “Workflow” tools. Instead of getting bogged down in paper forms that must be hand delivered, companies can create clearly defined processes that rely on electronic means of sharing, communicating and documenting. Using SharePoint workflow applications, our experts can help create custom forms that address the entire range of your company’s needs.

Liquware can use also SharePoint workflow applications to create customer solutions that are compatible with both your on premise SharePoint farm and your online tenant of SharePoint. We employ technologies that allow you to easily move SharePoint business process applications among your different environments, as needed.

Our custom SharePoint workflow application solutions include:

  • SharePoint designer workflows – Whether you need to set up project approval processes or simplify how employees file vacation requests, our SharePoint workflow applications will help you create a paperless office.
  • HTML forms – Stay organized and create clear documentation for maximum efficiency.
  • JavaScript development – Enjoy the flexibility and scalability of custom solutions that are created from scratch with the help of SharePoint.

For more advanced scenarios that require complex processes, we can utilize Visual Studio workflow tools to help all parties involved stay organized and able to follow a well-defined process.

No matter how big your business is or what type of industry you work in, our SharePoint workflow applications can help allow for collaboration while also streamlining processes for a more efficient workflow. Over the years, we have created dozens of business process applications for different organizations. Some solutions have included:

  • Contract Management System
  • Work Authorization System
  • Access Management System
  • Construction Management System

SharePoint workflow applications are developed using the far-reaching capabilities available through Microsoft SharePoint. At Liquware, we use our skills and experience to make the most of SharePoint and develop solutions that to fit your business. You can enjoy customized business applications that are designed to enable collaboration and simplify workflow and establish a paperless office that operates more efficiently than ever.